Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

This user pic does *not* represent how I'm feelin', 'cause I'm not a villain.

Sunday was an emotional day. Multiple reasons. I teared up while re-reading the chapter of Jim Henson's biography that recounted Henson's death. I got frustrated at another time and almost snapped angrily at someone; I try not to yell, and that time I came close to yelling. I dealt with the stress of (yes, I know how late I was doing it) finishing my tax paperwork.

At least yesterday I was productive — getting the tax stuff in the mail, getting a long walk done, treating myself to dinner out (at the patio at the Space Room, on Hawthorne), and buying some basic groceries before heading home — but I was feeling a mix of emotions while doing all that. And feeling a little deflated by some of those emotions.

But I need to remember the alternative: not feeling as much. Okay, technically that's an alternative; plenty of people feel more. But I worry more about not feeling so much, not being as familiar with emotions, because...that's why sociopaths can do. Experiencing emotions from a remove, not quite connected to theirs, but able to seem connected to emotions. I've known a few sociopaths; I know from experience. From enough experience.

I'm still not a sociopath.

I'll keep trying not to be one.

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