Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

...not yet

Ideally, I would have gotten my second Pfizer dose today. The ideal didn't happen. I went back to the pharmacy where I got my first dose on Wednesday, April 28th, and learned that they didn't just lack extra doses that day: they somehow hadn't gotten doses at all. I don't know why. Don't ask.

(I went there in person because I'd tried calling earlier on my cell, and the pharmacy tech who answered said I kept breaking up. I'm not sure why the call didn't work, just that it didn't.)

I have options for getting the next dose, but out of frustration, I more or less took it easy today. Treated myself to Space Monkey breakfast (before heading to the pharmacy), and later at dinner I cooked grits with shrimp, since I had both grits and shrimp.

Oy and whoa, I want to get this done, and get as vaccinated against COVID as possible. I want to make personal progress; I want humanity to make progress against this f'ing virus; I WANT TO HUG PEOPLE. This stasis I've been in is getting on even my nerves; how has it been for people with young kids who can't get vaccinated yet, or people who can't yet get doses at all?

Once I've gotten the second dose, oh will I be mentioning it. And still masking in many places, because it helps and I'm not an asshole.

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