Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

A Little More, and a little more, and a little...

What can I do
now that
I can do

I reached full vaccination a week and a half ago. I feel relieved that I was able to get my vaccination shots in April and May without too much fuss — some fuss, there was some but in the grand scheme not much — and that both times my side effects were manageable.

So, now...what now?

I haven't done many things outside the house, beyond what I'd let myself do before and during vaccination. Walks, grocery shopping, bus riding, quick visits to the library...about the only things beyond that was going to my family member's dance event last Saturday and going to get doughnuts last Friday.

Heck, one milestone of mine is a small one: yesterday I walked while reading a book. I've had that habit for decades, for longer than I've lived in Portland, but doing it with the cut to my lower peripheral vision caused by the bulky cloth masks I used to wear: bad idea. So, for the last year-plus, I've barely done it.

(I've retired those cloth masks. One I used for dusting; one I used to squash a large flying bug that was in my room.)

For these past 15 months, for the sake of my health and the health of others, I've adapted to "not doing much." I've long been a "not doing all that much" person anyway, even before the pandemic. I haven't been to a soccer game or a concert in years. I haven't done many serious road trips this last half-decade. (I could rent a car if I wanted, I say to remind myself.) I only occasionally visited people, whether family or friends. I worked, at least, until my most recent job furloughed me (and I've heard frustrating stories from others about trying to find work this past year).

Many others still can't do any of the above. (I'm also saying that to remind myself.) So many more people need vaccinations; we're not done with the pandemic yet.

I'm itching to do more. I'm not the only one who's itchy.

But I'm also undecided.

I'll ease into it. I try to ease into a lot of stuff, just by my nature. A little attempt to do more here, a little attempt there. I give myself permission.

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