Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Times are strange; we've got free upgrades for snakes on a plane...

Hey, leonardpart6: On Feb. 27th, Varese Sarabande Records will release a CD of Trevor Rabin's score to Snakes on a Plane:
In Snakes on a Plane, FBI agent Flynn (Samuel L. Jackson) is on a mission: transport a federally-protected witness from Hawaii to Los Angeles so the government can put a brutal Mob boss behind bars. But just as the plane reaches 30,000 feet, hundreds of venomous snakes are unleashed, causing violent mayhem as the vicious predators attack everyone in sight. With the help of L.A.’s leading snake expert on the ground, Flynn leads the other passengers on a desperate, action-packed fight for their lives.

The much-requested Trevor Rabin score is, at last, available… mayhem and fun, in equal measures.

New Line’s cult hit Snakes On A Plane was released January 5 on DVD.

Catalog #: 302 066 798 2
Release Date: 02/27/07
Tags: music

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