Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Hey, it's a Something...

Yesterday I was wondering what it'll be like adapting to being able to do more now that I'm fully vaccinated. After hanging around the house in the early afternoon and deliberately not doing much — in part I was staying out of the way of a handyman one of the house owners hired — I was in the mood to get out.

That turned into me getting food and a beer at Atlas Pizza on Foster. I hadn't gotten food from there for several months. Like many restaurants, they've expanded their outside seating, partly onto the sidewalk (I hope with enough clearance for people with movement aides like wheelchairs and carts to get through) and onto the street. I ordered food (one slice of pepperoni, two slices of the day's veggie pizza, and a garlic knot with sauce) then sat at a one-to-two-person table in the covered area in former street parking. A server from Five & Dime, the bar next door to the Foster Atlas, asked me if I wanted a drink and I ordered a cider. I sat in the comfortable, warm, sunny late afternoon, and read while eating.

I walked afterward, up to Kern Park, read some more (this time under a tree) then got up and walked to the fence, and watched people run their dogs in the ballpark part of the park.

This isn't much, but it's more than I've done on a lot of recent evenings.

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