Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh


Under three days until my flight to Virginia. Trying not to stress out over the trip.

Smartly, several all days ago I started a list of what I should get done before flying out. Other than grocery lists, I'm not really in the habit of making lists like that. I know, I know: they help. I can't conveniently put a check on the list, as it's on my tablet's Notepad, so I write "DONE" next to an item and bold it.

More "DONE"s are getting onto that list, thank goodness.

I did trip-prep errands today. Went to the library and printed my flight information; got money at a bank ATM (and also went into the branch and took care of an unrelated errand); shopped for the relatively small amount of groceries I need between now and the flight out. I went to WalMart, as it was close to my bank branch. I likely haven't shopped at a WalMart in a decade, but today I told myself get over yourself and went there because it was convenient. Then home. Where I rested a bit.

Yesterday, I mainly rested. Didn't leave the house — didn't have to — and got a nap. I feel like I'm experiencing a sleep deficit; whittling away at that helps. And I didn't really have to do much yesterday. (I checked if there are any Waffle Houses near where I'll be. There is one in Northern Virginia. It's 30 miles from where I'll stay. One day, I'll be convenient to one and eat at one...)

Not much else lately; which partly explains my lack of blog entries. Oh, well.

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