Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

"All Kinds of Tired"

All Kinds of Tired
by Christopher Walsh, 7/31/2021-8/12/2021

Want rest? Can't get it? That state is well-known:
Quite simply, you crave this, and you're not alone.
"Bright-eyed and bushy-tailed": harder to do
In this era of exhaustion we're forced to move through.
Tired up to our skin, and soaked down to our minds,
Somehow hurt in our hairs, and thoughts tied in binds
Due to headaches — our brains getting blocked from full use
As they're energy-starved. That's more than excuse;
It's just harder to think — our minds work through layers
Of pains fuzzed and sharp. And pain isn't fair.

(Our function's more basic when we're not at our best;
Any action can feel like it's some perverse test
We're more likely to fail. Good sleep is a fuel.
Don't get it, it's like you make do with thin gruel.
Walk, Act, and Think. Push to do these at all;
It won't feel done well; it feels done with a pall.)

Emotionally tired: that too is a strain,
Big feeling to big — a wringer, a drain,
Loss and frustration, events unresolved,
The endings unwanted, complications (involved):
A shitload to process, and then more, and then more
When it may be disastrous for us to ignore —
Are you forced to feel this? Are you forced to feel that?
Do emotions gang up, waves of hurt to combat?
Just feeling the feelings we're all feeling now
Can hit at our hearts, our worn souls, our brows.

Weariness, stacked. So, more weight for us.
And for those unreplenished, it is Weariness-Plus.
Yes: stress. You can feel it since much has transpired:
We're needing to live through all kinds of Tired.

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Tags: poetical

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