Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

"A Dream of Cotton-Candy Clouds"

A Dream of Cotton-Candy Clouds
by Christopher Walsh, 9/8/2021

Imagine a dream like this:
You fly. Of course you can
Fly, up and up and over and up
And farther because hey
You can fly. More to explore
And without need for legs or for
Any apparent propulsion: you
Just fly. And clouds
Are closer, with the horizon
More defined and the sun
Low near the west part of it.
Light makes the clouds
Pink, and you go still farther up
And get to the cloud
To find it's edible,
Spun and near-weightless, and
Available for you. You
Nibble. You swallow, you work
Around the edges of cloud at
The edge of night, and
Find sweetness.
Dreams find their own way to satisfy.

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Tags: poetical

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