Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Happier recurring dreams, please

…again, mind?

My dreams have a particular recurring bit I’ve mentioned before: I am back in the office of a particular boss who fired me, and there I’m trying to do stuff without that former boss realizing I’m doing stuff. Last night’s dream was maybe the most involved version of this dream I’ve had, because in the dream I was trying to make an event, a music performance, happen for the former boss without the former boss realizing I was putting it on. On top of that, the performance was by someone who, in real life, HAS DEALT WITH THAT SAME FORMER BOSS. This is the first time they (pronoun carefully chosen) have shown up in one of these dreams.

The subtext (barely even subtext, really) of these dreams is, I did good work for this particular former boss and didn’t get treated all that well while doing it. Years later, I’m still hung up on that. I’d like to feel better and happier about my recurring dreams, please.

At least in the dream I successfully kept my distance from the former boss so that the former boss didn’t know it was me.

…seriously: again, mind?
Tags: dreams

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