Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

The day, updated

Exercise. A little bit of exercise. The thing is, I’d been doing even less than usual lately. That routine I was doing where I was doing wall push-ups? I did that three times today. I had done it zero times a day for at least the last two months, and I was missing it. Without doing that, I wasn’t building up to doing more (maybe even graduating at some point to doing push-ups on the floor, because upper body strength: good). But I did more, and I can do more than more, plus this morning I went on a good-length neighborhood walk, too.

So. That’s progress.

Progress in poetry, too. Today I finished a short one, then later (after sitting around a while hoping to start a new poem but nothing coming to mind for a bit*) started the next one. I hope this new poem does two things: 1) be sincere, 2) not be pretentious!

* One thing I wrote while trying to think of a line for a poem: “No drill goes ‘are we there yet?’ while it drills. It just drills.”

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