Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Dancing About

Dancing About
by Christopher Walsh, 11/23/2021-12/1/2021

Some dancers probably could dance about architecture —
Moving to suggest the power of walls, the framed spaces
That we stay in and go through, the thrust
Of peaked and angled roofs designed to be striking
And to make rain and snow fall away from them
— Dancers’ bodies touching to imply the warmth of a bedroom,
Leaps to make us think of higher floors, up into air
We otherwise would not have used.
Birds would have flown there instead.
(Flying is its own dancing.)
Picture it:
Bodies traveling their brief, within-walls paths through doors, arches, frames,
With gravity the foundation for all.
It’s been said that feng shui is like a dragon, afloat and feeling your house’s form,
Seeing where it’s comfortable and where it’s uncomfortable, cramped:
The more comfort it feels,
The homier the home.
You want that dragon to dance.
You want movement, here; stillness, there; where
It all
Makes sense,
Where dancers could dance about home.

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Tags: poetical

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