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Being brand-spankin’ new, my iPad has a very good battery. The last tablet’s battery got hella unreliable: sometimes it would conk out when it claimed to have, like, 83% charge. The charge could drop double-digit points with no warning. Hazard of being nine years old and damaged; in November 2016 I accidentally spilled Greek dressing on the poor thing. (On top of that, my power cord eventually got scarily shredded; my parents wound up buying me a replacement while we were in Virginia last July, because I didn’t want to travel with that cord.) With this new one, I’m watching how it recharges.

That’s varied. A bit. More than a bit.

One time a couple of weeks ago I got this iPad down to about 4% or 3% power, plugged it in, and waited. It reached 100% charged in two-and-a-half hours. I was pleased. Then, while at Mom and Dad’s for Thanksgiving weekend, where they also have iPads, I plugged it into one of their power cords and left it to recharge. Which it didn’t. Returning to it and finding the percentage the same, I went “hmm.” And plugged it into a different cord. It started recharging, but slowly.

I’ve tested recharging the tablet from nearly out (again, around 4%) a couple of times once getting home from Thanksgiving. The first time it took five-and-a-half hours. Wednesday, it took five hours.

Each of these recharges were done while I had wifi turned on, and I know it both uses less power (when unplugged) and recharges faster (when plugged, duh) when that’s off; I’ll test that at some point. But I’m wondering how much this will vary.

As for battery life, I know to look up tips for how to extend it, so this tablet can stay reliable as long as possible. But I don’t know what’s causing the variance.

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