Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh


Until yesterday, I'd posted at least once a day for two months.

OK, I can do one a day. I don't need to.

I realized I was getting a little spastic and obsessive about the daily posting. I also started to worry that I was posting more than people could keep up with! So I intentionally didn't post yesterday, not even an "I'm not going to post daily" post that would've, well, continued my streak of posting daily.

Yes, I worry about stuff like this.


Interesting dreams recently. Last night blubeagle showed up as a very young fledgling member of the X-Men (she's the second one in a wheelchair!). The very striking artist Dame Darcy (who I met just over a year ago; here's Part Two of that show) made a cameo appaearance a couple of nights ago, too.


In other news, courtesy shadesong, come March 18th, Somerville, MA residents will get to attend a sing-along version of West Side Story. Were I not 3,000 miles away, I'd be there. people just whistle during the first minute? Hmm... It had better be OK to snap your fingers next...


Best of the good luck to zarhooie as she hits the road tomorrow! South Dakota to upstate New York! Sending good-travel vibes your way, ma'am...
Tags: dreams, music

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