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Catching up on me-news

Unblogged-stuff now gets blogged:

I had a productive week at work, never overwhelming, even with a Friday morning full of putting out fires. This needs help, that needs doing, something else has come up…so I was never lacking for do-stuff. (I’m all about the word combos tonight!)

The Internet Enriches My Life, Part Now: The one page on the web you’re likely to find author Harlan Ellison actually frequenting is Unca Harlan’s Art Deco Dining Pavilion. I lurk there, enjoying the drama and the appearance of new Harlan words. Via the site, I learned of Portland author David Loftus’s monthly project: Storytime For Adults, at the Grendel’s coffee-and-sandwich shop on E. Burnside near 7th. It happens at 7:30 p.m. the first Monday of the month. This week Loftus treated us to SF-and-fantasy-with-a-grin by author Italo Calvino. I met Loftus and his wife briefly after the reading, and he was enthused to know that I’d heard of Storytime via the site. And as the reading started, I enjoyed a good veggie sandwich (all hail avocados!) and a cherry-flavored Italian soda with cream. (Tell me, drinks experts: is the proper name for that ‘cremosa’?)

Ah, yes, food. I’m sure you know that, like Count Rugen and his deep and abiding interest in pain, I have a deep and abiding interest in food. I’ll be at another food-related event Thursday night, the Livin’ Large Party, a celebration of getting your eat on and your dance on with immense amounts of donated food. One of the radio stations I listen to is running it as a nose-thumbing nyah-nyah to the Atkins diet and other fads, as a proclamation of the exclamation “Hey! Some of us like to eat!” It’s the second annual such party; the first one came into existence thanks to a T-shirt DJs at the station got – which read I EAT CARBS – and it snowballed from there into a big success. I didn’t go to last year’s, but I’ve gotten a pass for two to this year’s. Wish me good eating.
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