Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

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"He chortled in his joy..."


*snaps fingers*

*bobs head*

*taps feet*

*(well, foot; Chris is not
that coordinated)*

Charles Lutwidge Dodgson; you'll remember more mellifluously
By the name Lewis Carroll, where he wrote pseudonymously
About nonsense and children and mad thoughts and backwardness
And believing six impossible things before breakfast
And his mind that concocted these ideas we know
Entered the world on this day, 175 years ago
So some madman on LJ declared commemoration
By going nuts for a day via journal transformation
And I joined this soiree in its second year existing
Taking things of which I think and subjecting them to twisting
(The "chortled in his joy" line fits oh so deeply well
To be the title for my opening poem (not quite a villanelle))
And the blast I had writing it made me want to do some more
-- You won't be surprised that wordplay is something I adore --
So how shall I commemorate all that? Er, well...
I choose this as a day where I shall speak in doggerel.
Tags: poetical, rhd

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