Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Rabbit Hole Day: The Grocery List

I've got a little list...

Um, no.

*starts over*

The coupons are ready; a list written, as well.
I plan out my shopping so it's not all pell-mell.
Mornings to Freddy's: my frequent weekend run
When I allow myself a car trip, for shipping groceries (by the ton?)
So I didn't leave 'fore noon today, but that's OK by me;
You cannot always say that I am one to stymie.
It gave me time to list more stuff that will be nice to get;
When you see my purchasing, you'll be moved to say "Well-met!"
The coupon buys I'll make all have an asterisk;
That includes yogurt, dental floss, and maybe a compact disc.
It's a one-stop shopping kind of place, a longtime Northwest landmark
(And referred to in this Glen Phillips song, about a ruined world that's stark)
Now wrap this up I shall so do, and get myself in gear;
So from this online place of mine, I hereby disappear.
Tags: poetical, rhd

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