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OK, now, a normal post (Saturday stuff)

I won't take my rhymes into overtime...

Now I'll speak of yesterday in a typical entry. But I really enjoyed banging out those Rabbit Hole Day entries.

I spent more time than I should admit during the last two weeks pondering what I'd do for the day. I'd decided not to do anything like last year's madness, not wanting to repeat myself -- and feeling that my LJ friends merovingian and evilpodiatrist already do that sort of thing, and I didn't want to feel like I was aping them. Also, unlike last year, I didn't write the entries beforehand (I first put that as "pre-write," but that sounds hella pretentious, doesn't it?), because I didn't have to work the same day and I had the time to (I hope) be inventive during the actual day, so I was flying by the seat of my pants. I didn't decide on a theme until I sat down at the computer just over 24 hours ago, but I think it worked out. (As for another friend, shadesong, well, as she put it: "My Rabbit Hole Day thing = not posting. There you go.")

I also did non-writing stuff yesterday:

Before my Freddy's run yesterday, I browsed at the Lloyd Center mall in Northeast; I realized it's likely been months since I've stepped inside a mall (I avoided them entirely during the holiday shopping season), but I found a good excuse to go up, plus I was in the mood to walk around a mall. (I can go years without being in that mood.) I made a detour on my way to buy groceries, and was able to find the new location of the Future Dreams comic book store, which had to move suddenly last summer and is now at 18th on the north side of East Burnside. And down: You enter the building through a door facing a gravel lot off of 18th, go around a corner past the door to Jazzercise then through another door (with a note imploring you close it, as the cold gets in otherwise), and down a flight of stairs...and then there's Future Dreams in all its glory, spread out (and still littered with an enormous number of boxes) with comics new and old and books new and old and mags new and old and toys new and old. My eyes widened and I almost giggled in awe. Yay! The store survived! I bought some more Fallen Angel and Eternals, plus the novelization of Serenity that LJ's own kradical wrote. (I think it's a used copy, Mr. Radical. Please don't mind!) I'll read it after I've seen the TV series Firefly, which I missed entirely back in 2002 but which I am waiting for through the library. DVDs are good.

Speaking of DVDs, I watched the rest of the extras for Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home last night. Fun film as always (I've probably seen it more than a dozen times). Now waiting for me is the original Rocky. I must admit to lameness and say the only Rocky film I've ever seen is the fourth one, with the Russian death-machine disguised as Dolph Lundgren, and that might be the worst of those films. Soon I'll get to see the best of those films. But me being a film geek, I'll be watching for the cameo by Troma's Lloyd Kaufman...

Tomorrow: work, followed by the after-work treat of Un Concert De s00j! Woo hoo!
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