Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Good food and good people

Now we’ve reached leave-your-window-open weather. Rain’s falling lightly outside. It’s nitrogen you’re smelling when you smell that freshness during a shower, right? And my radio’s playing Seventies music (KINK FM 101.9’s “Almost 8-Track”), and my legs are resting – I walked probably a couple of miles this evening – and I’m decompressing.

Livin’ Large was a happy time last night. Food helps mood; it’s good to see more evidence of that (of course the gourmets I read, like Poppy Z. Brite, have long, long known this). I got to meet more of the radio people I listen to – 105.1 The Buzz sponsored the event, and its afternoon team of Dr. Doug, Daria and Skippy hosted – and I explored the nooks and crannies of Barracuda, the club where we Lived Large last night. It’s in the same building that once housed perhaps the longest bar in the world. I peeked out one particular window at the buildings and graffiti of downtown, and I admired the fish in the fish tanks, and I saw that the club’s DJ had his own little TV, and – how’s this for random? – had on the film version of Misery. I also appreciated the guy wearing a T-shirt with most appropriate dialogue from Napoleon Dynamite (“Give me your tots! I’m freakin’ starvin’!”).

Late last night, when one last whole pizza was waiting to be eaten, Dr. Doug asked for the big eaters in the audience to step up and finish it. A wrestler in the audience who goes by the name Colossus picked up the entire pie and started walking off with it. This led to the DJs challenging him to eat the whole thing, on stage, within 15 minutes. Daria, with her sense of drama and comedy, made a big show of placing a trash can right next to Colossus in case the pizza, um, made an early exit. Nothing that, errrr, colorful happened, thank everything…

Okay. Back to life. Back to reality. Work went especially well today, I felt, plus I made my sick supervisor Audrey (who’s been home, unable to shake some bug) chuckle about stuff. So, a positive day, in a positive week.
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