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Another good film

I finally saw the original Rocky tonight. I still can't quite get over how quiet a film it is, where most of the action is between people just talking (I loved watching Rocky and Adrian on the skating rink). Most of Bill Conti's score is gentle like that, too; the famous rah-rah cues are only a small part of what he composed, and you hear that famous theme more often played on piano and other often-quiet instruments, instead of as a fanfare. I've never been the biggest Bill Conti fan, but I get was he was doing there.

By the way, I understand what Rocky sees in Adrian: mousy can be sexy. ;-) I'd never known that their characters weren't yet married in the first film (only having ever seen Rocky IV, the "Rocky ends the cold war" film); I'd just assumed they were. But I like how their coming together was handled. (Ya think Rocky was nervous? Someone talking that much is probably a little nervous...)

Other day-highlights: I drove up to the Hawthorne neighborhood, took the bus downtown to the library and the Virginia Cafe (a good old-time bar and restaurant that, most likely, will be lost to redevelopment in a year or so, and I want to patronize it more than I have been), then bussed back to Hawthorne to go shopping. And three loads of laundry in two days mean I'm now much cleaner.


Feb. 8th, 2007 04:17 am (UTC)
Here's a comment I'll make after watching the Rocky DVD supplements:

Sylvester Stallone.

Robert Downey, Jr.

Do you think they could play the same guy at different times in his life?

I watched Stallone's video commentary, and his facial structure really struck me for the first time: "Y'know, he kinda sorta looks like..."

Am I nuts? Maybe so. I'll accept that and go on.