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Colts. Cold. Cool.

Hi. I'm back home. I watched most of the first half of Super Bowl XLI (only nine years until Super Bowl L!) at the Clinton Street Theatre. And I've been rooting for the Colts in this game, but I decided to root for them in the warmth (yay!) of my own apartment; it was cold in the theatre. I didn't dress warmly enough, partly because it's actually finally kind of temperate outside, and while I didn't have to be as bundled up as the rained-upon in Miami (some of those get-ups are rivalling Bruce Willis's in Twelve Monkeys) I decided to be more comfortable.

Once again, I'm glad I have a TV.

And here, I can read Peter David's running commentary on the Super Bowl commercials. (5:31 edit: My favorite comment over there so far is by David Van Domelen: "Ooooh, diabetes is HAWT.")

Slightly Later: Is it me, or have most of the recent Super Bowls been a lot closer and well-played than the stereotypical Super Bowl blowouts? We've had some exciting games in the last several years, and this one's been all sorts of back-and-forth. I really thought I was watching the game end with that first punt return; nice to know I was wrong. It's been a fun game.

And I'll make quick commercial comments: My favorite so far? Probably GM's sad-robot commercial (I actually thought "Oh My God" during the bridge scene), but I definitely liked the marriage-auctioner, the nice-Grand Theft Auto Coke ad and the Doritos-and-cars ad. The David Letterman-Oprah Winfrey thing could've been funnier; oh, well. The Career Builder jungle ad kind of went from amusing to disturbing for me with that last image.

More in a bit? Maybe...

5:45: OK, points to Taco Bell for the lions that talk (and for the line "No, carrrrrne, sexy, like Ricardo Montalban." I'm always up for a mention of Ricardo Montalban!)

And the second Career Builder ad (the office gladiators thing) disturbed me, too. (Plus the guy-covered-with-Post-Its was taken from Office Space, of course.)

5:55: Backing up a bit, but the woman on the counter in the Van Heusen commercial: hot. 'Nuff said.

And I laughed out loud at "keep Robert Goulet away" for that Emerald Nuts snack ad.

6:35: The E*Trade "one finger" ad tickled me. So to speak. (Did it touch me? Maybe so!)

Apparently this is the first Super Bowl to be played in this much rain. First time for everything.

And once again backing up, the Coke "inside the vending machine" ad was strangely alien, more "huh?" than "Ha!" for me. But maybe that was the point.

6:50: The NFL's "It's hard to say goodbye" commercial: BWA HA HA HA HAAAAAAAAA. (That was Favre, right?)

6:57: Congratulations, Colts. (Had this been a Chargers-Saints Super Bowl, there would've been an exclamation point there. I lived in the San Diego area in the late 1970s and early 1980s, when the Chargers were a joke, and I'm glad to see them make a positive impression. And the Saints were amazing, as both a team and a story, this year. I didn't have as much invested in this matchup, exclamation point.)
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