Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

"Hendrixing his wee little heart out..."

This is why having Prince play the Super Bowl was so freakin' cool. Now THAT is a geekish geek-out that makes this geek smile. Geekily. ;-) (Entry by cleolinda, and seriously, if you aren't reading her, why aren't you?)

In other news, I apparently have an evil twin. Oh yes, he's now just trying to pretend to be me and trying to spend my money in a hemisphere I've never even visited, but unless I stop Mr. Evil Twin (Mr. E.T.!) he'll move on to running crime syndicates and creating Godzilla and seducing virgins with "Hey, baby, you've ever seen a good flensing?" 'Cause he's evil like that.

In other other news, no, I'm not usually awake at Oh-My-God-Thirty, but I awakened without need of alarm this morning, which helped in dealing with Mr. E.T. and his magic transactin'.
Tags: music, sport!

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