Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

You can't spell TEAM without MEAT...

This weekend: good visiting and good eating. I joined my parents, who live 30 miles southwest of me, and my Uncle Mike for burgers Saturday night. We’re talking need-to-be-cut-in-two-so-you-have-a-chance-to-fit-‘em-in-your-mouth burgers, made at the new Calamity Jane’s burger joint in Dundee (and an offshoot of the Calamity Jane’s on the road to Mt. Hood). It was a genuine treat, plus a good chat. More good meat happened Sunday night; I was still out visiting my folks, and they had spare ribs. I don’t usually think of cooking meat, what with my small, small kitchen and not-so-user-friendly stove, plus my dad’s quite good at the cooking of the meat. I am in touch with my inner carnivore…

I had a good experience last week working for the administration office of the School of Nursing: people treated me well, and I did my best to be helpful…plus did my best not to give them my cold that lingered into mid-week. I handled mail, gobs and scads and stacks of mail, plus re-did the office signs in a standardized way. I took over for a guy named Angel, who had left the department for another School of Nursing job, and was working until the arrival of Angel’s replacement… Glori. Is my life being scripted by Joss Whedon all of a sudden?
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