Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Swimming in the jurors' pool

I'm home early. I didn't mention it on LJ before, but today I reported to a jury pool. It was the second time I've been called -- it first happened in September 2004. I didn't get called for a jury then, and I didn't get called today. Mainly I read, rested, and had nice chats in the jury assembly room: with a grad student and with a just-retired bird veterinarian and former medical transcriptionist. The vet and I also did a crossword together.

While waiting, I also finished Caitlin's novel Daughter of Hounds. I already plan on re-reading it soon, to understand it better; I feel like I missed key stuff, but as always I'm in love with her language and the mood of her work. She's never written a character quite like Odd Willie Lothrop before, for instance; she successfully stretched in the writing of DoH.

The court let us go a little after 2 p.m., when we learned no more jurors would be needed today. Three juries were enpaneled during the day: 15 people were chosen the first time, then 15 more, and finally 18.

So I'm home early. I'll get groceries later. And maybe I'll nap. Mmmm. Naps.
Tags: books, portland

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