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Time to be careful, and other little updates

You know that edge-of-possibly-getting-sick feeling? Where you're not sick, but don't feel 100% and instead feel that chance-of-falling-into-illness feeling? That's me at the moment; I wonder if it's something from Thursday night, or from the office yesterday.

That, and it being early, mean that I'm taking it easy this morning. Fluids and Vitamin C are flowing into me. I can fight this.


Yay-causer: Last night I got a thank-you card from Poppy Z. Brite! I'd mailed Poppy a gift card from Target, as a house-warming gift; she'd asked for them to help with getting new stuff for the new home she and husband Chris DeBarr have bought.

Another reason to like Poppy: not only did she send the thank-you card (with artwork of an alligator and other bayou denizens bringing gumbo ingredients to a large pot), she wrote out Target as "Tar-ZHAY." She says that name with proper flair. (Kind of like the supermarket in Eugene near the east end of U of O; it used to be called Food Value, but my friends and I called it "Food Val-ooo.")


I'll have a place to stay after my cousin Amy's birthday party a week from now. So no leaving at ohmyGod-thirty to go home, as I've done a couple of times when visiting Seattle.

As I said in response, "Yay! This means I can drink! ;-)"

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