Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Oh, yeah, I made it home.

The Seattle trip was a success. So was the getting-home-from-the-trip and the resting-up-after-the-trip. I let myself go into work yesterday to have more of a chance to get enough sleep and I still woke up at my normal time without even needing the alarm. (Sometimes I'm well trained.) I still let myself lollygag yesterday, to get a little more rest.

I worked, as well, almost a whole day (7.5 hours instead of 8). And in the Portland-is-a-small-town-for-a-big-city portion of our program, on the way home I reached the last bus stop west of the Ross Island Bridge and saw a friend and former co-worker waiting for a bus and chatting on his cell phone. I didn't want to interrupt him, and my bus arrived in about a minute, so the most we did was smile acknowledgingly and wave at each other.
Tags: portland, work

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