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Because I want to help YOU...

...I'll give you a password tip!

Good computer passwords should have letters, numbers and symbols. I found a good source of all of those: the ship numbers for Star Trek vessels.

On one particular program for which I have to change my password occasionally (it's a work-related site that you'd have no access to), I started working with the different starships named Enterprise, starting with NCC-1701 from the original show and first three films. I've continued to the NCC-1701-A from the later movies. Now I'm at the NCC-1701-B. (And another bonus: you can use it with or without that second dash, making it harder for someone to decipher!) The NX-01 from the show Enterprise doesn't work for this, but we can skip it and go on to the -C, the -D, the -E...heck, we've even gotten a glimpse of the NCC-1701-J!

See? I'm helpful.
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