Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Home and hoping for a good Oscars

Here's another grab-bag:

* First off, I've made a small donation to the Salvation Army, with a request to direct the funds (if possible) to Dumas, Arkansas tornado recovery. (Edit: s00j has heard from more of her family there. She hopes to get to the town tomorrow.)

That was a gesture I could make that I hope helps. I like that I feel that I can afford to be charitable. (Meaning: I likely could've been more charitable before, but kept thinking I didn't have enough funds to do that. But being online via LJ and such has helped me at least be more aware of where I can donate. And having the funds to function in my regular life helps, too.)

* I'm home. I enjoyed using my parents' place as a vacation house yesterday and today, but now...

* I need to clean. Dusting and vacuuming are way overdue in my little place.

* Finally, I decided to stop at the Hawthorne Fred Meyer for groceries on my way home, partly because it's close and it's (my actual thought) "my kind of crowd." I honestly like the mix of humanity we get at the Hawthorne Freddy's. It's a store where the Girl Scouts are goths-in-training. (Oh, yeah: I bought one box of Thin Mints and two boxes of Samoas -- holy crap I'm decadent -- from troop members who hope to fund a troop trip to New York City.)
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