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For the Love of Aquaman

Ingredients for tonight's LJ entry: Writer and comic book appreciater Peter David; DJ and fellow comic book appreciater Daria O'Neill; and Aquaman. Recipe: Throw all ingredients together and mix.

OK. I'll explain. From an e-mail I sent earlier this hour:


Good evening, Mr. David,

Your Aquaman Theory got on the radio today! This happened due to a comic book-loving DJ here in Portland, OR named Daria. She's co-host of The Afternoon Buzz with Daria and Mitch (here's her MySpace page), and on last night's show she mentioned a proposed Justice League of America movie. She was annoyed that, from what she'd heard, it wouldn't include Aquaman. Her co-host Mitch and their producer Ted ragged on Daria for liking Aquaman, but she was the woman who would fight for his honor, so she argued with them. Which reminded me of your Aquaman Theory back when you took over the comic.

So last night I wrote to her:
You'll like this:

Back in the '90s, comic book writer Peter David (Writer of Stuff, stuff which now includes the Stephen King Dark Tower comic) got the assignment to write Aquaman. He was happy for the challenge because, as he put it, if you dropped Aquaman with no supplies in the middle of Gotham, he'd do just fine; if you dropped Batman with no supplies in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, he' unlikely to come back. Thus: Aquaman could be the most resourceful hero in the DC Universe! He just had to be handled properly.

I'm sure you'd handle Aquaman properly. (If you know what I mean. And I think you do.) (Heh.) (Heh, I say!)

At the very top of today's show, Daria reminded Mitch and Ted about their argument the day before, and she read that e-mail (citing you and mentioning Dark Tower). And then she got on the guys' case for being so harsh on Aquaman, saying that she'd gotten my e-mail of support for Aquaman and they had gotten none, NONE!, agreeing with their Aquaman hatred...

So your good thoughts went out on the air! I thought you'd like to know.


So I remembered something Mr. David had said, I conveyed it (properly crediting it), and a DJ I like conveyed it (also properly credited) on-air. Neat.

Next-day Edit! Mr. David replied:
That was great of you, to jump in on Aquaman's behalf like that. Thanks for going the extra mile...or league, as it were.

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