Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Oh, and more day-highlights:

There was more to today than giving props to Aquaman. Today I:

* Got to work early and left early; arriving early to beat potential sticky snow (which didn't stick) and leaving early to run errands;

* Bought my monthly bus-and-light rail pass;

* Explored the construction zone that is the downtown Transit Mall;

* Walked and bussed up to the Stadium Fred Meyer to browse;

* Walked all the way from that Freddy's to the El Grillo restaurant 13 blocks away, for two fish tacos, one spiced pork taco, and a thing o' beans;

* Resisted the urge to hold up my middle finger in the direction of the former Vesta call center a block away from El Grillo;

* And walked down most of the Emergency Backup Transit Mall (SW 3rd) until my bus caught up with me.

Now it's relaxin' time. I'm gonna take a shower. And I think I'm likely to sleep well tonight...
Tags: peregrinations, portland, work

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