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Help me be iconic!

Hello, my e-quaintances:

Now that I've taken my first step into a larger world, I've pondered what else I'd like, icon-wise. I need help: as far as I know, I have no photo-editing program on my computer, so the images have to already be 100x100 or smaller. And I still have little experience exploring the icon communities; I'd too likely get lost. I've said it before: my icon-fu is weak.

I'm not going to go nuts and request something like "Hey, guys, I want one of those iPod parody ads, with the silhouette being of Neil Diamond, oh, and the caption reads iAm iSaid" -- partly because, well, I can't think of an image of Neil Diamond that would still look like Neil Diamond in silhouette. So never mind. But I have two particular requests:

* The flukes of a diving whale.
* The smiling, walking milk carton from the Garth Jennings-directed video for Blur's "Coffee and TV." (And this is in the "wouldn't it be cool" category, not the "It's a must so you must do it or risk my wrath" category, but wouldn't it be cool if it were an animated icon of that adorable little milk carton striding?)
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