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More from last night

Other details from last night's show:

* The show attracted a happy crowd. I'm not sure how well I conveyed that last night, so I shall convey it now. We were all exuberant (I'm liking that word at the moment) and friendly. And the kids loved the stilt walkers dressed as poodles.

* They really acted like poodles, by the way: sniffing at us, raising their "paws" to shake hands (which some kids did, and some kids didn't), and making that satisfied throaty rumbling sound dogs make when you scratch them behind the ears. I should've scratched one of them behind the ears. ;-) And it was amazing just watching them manuever on those stilts; they were able to get really low sometimes, to get closer to kids' regular level. Wow.

* I saw some parents do a smart thing: give their kids ear protection. "It's Baby's First Earplugs!" I thought. One kid was wearing a unplugged headset as his ear protection.

* Ulterior motive for attending an all-ages show: hot mamas. Literally. Plenty of Portland's hot parents are hip enough to take their kids to March Fourth!

* What did I ponder buying as a present for birthday girl blubeagle? March Fourth Marching Band ladies' underwear.

* When the band marched out at show's end, I noticed one of the drummers had a cowbell on her drum kit. I had to say it: "I've got a fever! And the only prescription is more cowbell!"

* When the show ended, I first went to the southbound Streetcar line, and rode it to Portland State. I'd just missed the #19 bus, so instead of waiting for the next 19 I took the #9 and walked home from Milwaukie and Powell. There I was, exhausted and grinning and in possession of a balloon I'd grabbed from the show -- oh, before the concert started a bunch of balloon went into the crowd, and we were bouncing them above our heads; we got used to quite a few of those getting stepped on and popped, but I salvaged one about halfway through the show and held onto it -- and the young women sitting across from me asked me where I'd gotten it from. I got to tell them about March Fourth Marching Band and where to find them online and how it'd been a fun show at a fun place. The ladies have not yet attended the Crystal Ballroom; they had just gone to their first Saturday Market (this was the market's first weekend of the year), and were happy with the Rosie the Riveter Action Figure they'd bought. So all three of us were happy! For different reasons.
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