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And finally, for now...

Whales are some of my favorite animals.

I've seen grey whales from boats and the shore.

I've seen a pilot whale really, really close to a beach.

I've had many recurring dreams with whales.

I went many, many times to San Diego's Sea World to watch the dolphins and orcas.

I once got to see Keiko.

I actually gasped when I first saw the banner ad for Finding Nemo with the humpback.

(You won't be surprised that I really, really like Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home.)

And taer_silveroak was kind enough to make the icon you now see.

Thank you.

(Postscript for my folks, Tarah and the other not-on-LJ people who read my journal: The way my page is set up, you won't see what I'm talking about unless you click on the individual entries. Oh, and it's easiest to get to them by clicking on the "Comment" links at the bottom right of each entry, and then using the arrows at the top of each entry to navigate to the next one or the previous one...)

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