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Possibly the most strangely civilized zombie dream ever

Very involved dream this morning. An "end of the world as we know it" dream: me on a large ship in either the Arctic or Antarctic, going around and checking up on people who had intentionally exiled themselves on ice floes. Because, um, they were becoming zombies, and wanted to be far, far away from other people when the time came that they would fully transform into zombies. Even with the fantastical premise -- and the presence (somehow) of my hilarious fellow LJ'er apocalypsos (who's written zombie stories herself, come to think of it), who was commenting on the situation -- it was a surprisingly sad dream. I saw memorials of flowers and crosses that were left on the floes, like commemorations of accident victims that you find on the sides of highways, to remember people who had died already in the outbreak; perhaps they had killed themselves or let themselves be killed before they were fully transformed.

I also had a part of the dream that seemed like a flashback, to the beginning of the outbreak, where I and a family I don't recognize (but my family, according to the dream-logic) were in a bad road accident with a truck driver who had just gone through the zombie transformation. I "flashed back" to this more than once, as if it were supposed to explain everything. Yes, my dreams can be very cinematic. And then I'd be back in the ship, knowing that the world was ending but doing a job in the meantime. I think everyone was trying to remember the world as it was, and the people in it, before the outbreak had changed everything.

Another oddness: I strongly got the feeling, both late in the dreaming and upon waking up, that I'd dreamed this dream at least once before...but now I'm sure I never have. I'm feeling that now just as strongly as I believed in the dream's recurrance while I was dreaming it.

I might need some time to shake loose of this dream.
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