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Horror Good! Not-compiled lists bad! *

My project? If you'd like to see it, it's here (now public).

My LJ-friend yendi (Partner In Snark to his wife shadesong) is doing a movie review project called "261 Days of Horror": a new review of a horror movie posted every weekday for the whole of 2007. He started Jan 1st and just posted his 50th review. The films run the gamut: the good (Near Dark), the bad (Alone in the Dark), the ugly (Terror Tract), and the stunningly jaw-dropping (Jack Frost 2: Revenge of the Mutant Killer Snowman). And before writing each review, yendi A) watches the flick and B) takes a healthy dose of Sarcasm Pills to make his writing smart-assed. And thus fun.

I volunteered to compile all of the reviews he's done so far in one entry, and he was happy for me to do so. I've let him know he can open it now; he'll copy the contents and create his own version over on his LJ, and -- huzzah! -- there will be a comprehensive list for people's reference. He'll update it from here; the big help was just getting started.

I'm enough of an info-organizer that I found this was fun. And my help will be very, very...helpful!

* Forgive the bad Karloff impression.

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