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You Can't Take the Sky From Me

In news sure to delight -- oh, let's see -- coffeeinhell, happyspector, zarhooie, celticfeministw, yendi (and I think shadesong), merussell, and probably a bunch of others...

...I have waiting for me at the library the DVD box set of the entire TV series Firefly. I've seen the film spin-off, Serenity, twice, and have meant for a while to see the series. And as Mike Russell told me in an e-mail last year, "Oh, good Lord: Serenity the movie (which is really just the $40-million series finale of Firefly) isn't even the best episode of the series. You're going to go nuts once you see it."

And see it I shall. Finally. Cool.

Then I can read kradical's novelization of Serenity, because he specifically tied in events from the series into the movie, and I'll be able to spot the connections!

I also have scantily-clad Jewel Staite as Kaylee in my future. ;-) Yes, I'm a heterosexual man. (She's not scantily clad in the link!)

Hey, quick and probably dumb question for the Browncoats I know: the episode order on the DVD set is the suggested/preferred order for viewing these shows, right?
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