Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Allow me to aaarrrgh on a friend's behalf.



That's for a friend. Said friend has a message on her answering machine telling her I'm thinking of her, and that she might want to go somewhere where she can do a primal scream.

I'll say no more about that.


In much less "Aaarrrgh"-inducing news, I made a surprise visit to my folks' place this morning. Well, surprise to them (I usually call or e-mail ahead); I'd wanted to see them before Saturday's memorial for my grandmother, and this morning was the best time for that. They didn't mind my showing up. Neither did my mom's younger sister Nancy Weare; she arrived from Guam yesterday, and has been relaxing with my parents. And all three of them had the treat of watching the U of O Ducks convincingly win last night in the college basketball playoffs. Then today they had the treat of seasoned oyster crackers (the same type I brought to s00j's house concert at coffeeinhell's house) I'd whipped up. We visited for a few hours and then I headed home, shopping (comic books and groceries). Relaxing, now, myself...
Tags: sport!

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