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Well, that's nicely random...

Another haiku generator, as pointed out by taer_silveroak. It took a while for me to get one I liked, and that one was

Haiku2 for chris_walsh
i strongly got the
100x100 image for me to aaarrrgh
on a desert plain
Created by Grahame

...though the generator treats "100x100" as a single syllable so it's not perfect... But the "for me to aaarrrgh/on a desert plain" is good enough for me to forgive that...

Edited To Add: Oh, and I tried it one more time and I got this one:

Haiku2 for chris_walsh
and held onto it
and the young women sitting
across from me in
Created by Grahame

Heh. And Mmmmmm.
Tags: memes, poetical

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