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Grab-bag of amusing (to me) randomosity:

* My eyes were bigger than my stomach this morning, and I made more breakfast than I could eat. I decided to save a piece of bacon. Best place to put it: in a container with extra chicken from last night's stir-fry.

This may result in bacon-flavored chicken.

We shall see.

* This tickled me: my bus driver on the commute home said "There're always grumpy bumpies on any job." I liked that term, and told him so. "It's all I can call them and not get them angry," he said. Yeah; what else could you say, lumpies? Humpies?

This could get very wrong very quickly.

* I actually was able to use the phrase "ESCHEW OBFUSCATION" in an e-mail exchange today. That and "Never use a big word when a diminutive one will do."

This will end this entry.
Tags: language, out-of-context theater!

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