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"Oh, look at the pretties!"

Stuff like this is among the Good Stuff About Portland: The Oregonian's Shawn Levy writes about two upcoming Serenity charity screenings this summer and rumors of a possible Firefly marathon here, too.

I've been watching and enjoying Firefly, thanks to the library copy I borrowed. I wish I had something more in-depth and critic-like to bring to the plate about this show, but most of y'all already know it's good: strong characters (including a textbook example in Jayne Cobb of how to do an anti-hero right), a gritty and detailed universe for its stories, immensely quotable dialogue ("Also? I can kill you with my brain"), immensely easy-to-look-at characters doing eye-widening things (OHMYGOD a ship captain would do THAT to punish a crewmember?, as I think during "Ariel")...all sorts of good stuff. Which a lot of Portlanders appreciate. (Just like some of the proprieters of Serenity Tales, which I'll finally be able to read in-depth soon!)

Edited To Add: There is something analytical and critic-y I can add. I like that Firefly/Serenity creator Joss Whedon finally applied that huge, story-holding head of his to characters who were already adults. Whedon started his TV-show-creating career with the teenaged characters of Buffy the Vampire Slayer (of which I've seen some of the show), and followed that with the early-twentysomethings of Angel (of which I've seen only a few episodes, but liked what I saw, including the "puppet" episode), so all of the stories, at some level, were about his characters making the transition to the grown-up world. The cast of Firefly and Serenity have, for the most part, already done that (the big exception being River, but of course there's a huge reason she isn't fully grown-up when the show starts), and that allows for different stories. Whedon and his merry band of writers weren't repeating themselves. And it makes it easier for me to lust after Firefly's cast because they're mostly my age... ;-)
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