Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

My 1980s brush with death!

Written during lunch:

In the summer of 1986, my family went camping in Virginia's Shenandoah Mountains, as we often did (it's beautiful country), hiking and grilling and generally relaxing. A couple of days in a row we stopped at a nearby-if-you-drove in-park general store, and I kept eyeing as a potential treat an ice cream bar called a Polar B'ar -- think a knock-off Klondike Bar. The first time I didn't get it, the second time I didn't get, and then after that I decided, why not? I'd get it. So I walked. It actually was a decently long walk from our campsite, but I was willing to walk (story of my life)...but when I reached the store, the ice cream bar was nowhere to be found.

That was because all Polar B'ars had been recalled because bacteria in them had killed a man. Which I didn't know until getting home; all I thought at the time was "Oh well, someone else got it."

See? My memory is for more than remembering where I'd get Slush Puppies...

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