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An almost-related-to-sports post

On my TV right now: Oregon Ducks (go Ducks!) vs. UNLV -- well, it's the tail end of halftime, but you know what I mean -- in St. Louis's Edward Jones Dome.

The Jones Dome.

I'm not that keen on corporate naming of sports arenas, but "The Jones Dome"...

"The Jones Dome"...

"The Jones Dome"...

I kinda like it.

Evilly Team-Partisan P.S.: So UNLV is nicknamed "The Running Reds." Isn't that a medical condition? ;-)

Edited To Add on Saturday morning: As I said in the comments below, "I unintentionally lied." Turns out the UNLV team is nicknamed the Running Rebels. Rebs. Never mind that I'm from one-time Rebel territory (Virginia) and so for me "Rebels" and "Las Vegas" don't naturally seem like two great tastes that taste great together, so I was less likely to think that they were named the Rebs, and besides, "Running Reds" sounds more evil.

Oh, and: Go Ducks! Elite Eight!
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