Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Weather and word-age

Flies freeze. That’s the joy of Portland in June. It’s been warm enough for the airborne dung-lovers to make their comeback; it now might get cold enough for the buzzing little buggers to die of shock. (Hey, I can hope, right?)

In other words, the weather can’t decide whether to be spring, summer or winter (though it’s too green to be fall). Sometimes it’s all three seasons in one day.

Just stay reasonably dry in Dayton tomorrow afternoon, Mr. Weather, because my cousin Cindy Walsh is graduating valedictorian from Dayton High. She’ll speak. She’ll have a happy, friendly audience – she’s well-liked there – but they’ll be happier and friendlier if it’s dry. OK?

WORDS GONE WRONG: A few years ago, Dairy Queen attempted to enter the breakfast market. (Chocolate cake for breakfast!) The Newberg DQ advertised this with a banner emblazoned with, um, a poorly chosen corporate underwriter. The logo and wording lined up to say PEPSI BREAKFAST. “Is that anything like the three-martini lunch?” I asked.
Tags: creme de la chris, language, portland

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