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I need to write something more substantive here. I know I haven't been as in-depth as normal; I've been having a fairly quiet time, personally, but weirdness and difficulties have been happening to people I'm friends with and close to, and I'm concerned for people. There's also work-related bullshit, but I'm avoiding writing about that. (Though one day I will write about it. Trust me.)

I will tell you one annoying work thing: it is often aggressively cold in my office, where even a sweater, which I keep in a drawer in my workspace, doesn't keep me quite warm enough. I'm in an old building that is a pain to keep temperate -- I honestly wouldn't be surprised if the building (Sam Jackson Hall) is one day knocked down and replaced -- and my area very often gets over-air-conditioned. Even in winter. I can handle the cold, but I'm not always in love with it, y'know? Makes me glad I'm a warm-body (and good for snuggling, if I do say so myself!)...

...But oh, I do not want to imagine the howls of complaints some of the people I work near (separate from the people I work with, if you get my meaning) if they were getting the bad AC as bad as I get it. Fucking whiners, the lot of 'em. :-/ And they're the sort of whiners who will never do anything about what they're complaining about. Ah, cynicism is such an easy, easy trap: act like the problems in the world are too big and insidious for you to do anything about, and -- hey! -- that absolves you of any responsibility or need to do anything to make things better. You can act like a victim (which is a hell of a strange pose for the loud and obnoxious ex-Army guy I work near, but he does it), and you can act as if you're the only person with any sense, and you can think that any complaints that anyone else might have just stem from their being too oversensitive or snivelling or "politically correct." (And does that phrase have ANY fucking meaning anymore? Seriously, it's applied ridiculously widely and seems to mean whatever negative thing the complainer wants it to mean.) Yes, cynicism can be such a nice shield against the world...

OK. Now I'm rambling. It felt good to get some of this off my chest, though; I'll just stop before I get too rambling.

Meanwhile, to see a glorious thing of glorious beauty that I brought to yendi's attention, click here.
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