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Since I've found Serenity...

Yes. It was good.

I just finished the last commentary on the last episode of the DVD set of Firefly. I'll return the set to the library tomorrow.

As something like half of my Friends List is comprised of Browncoats, I'm getting to this fandom late, or at least later. Now I understand how frustrated people felt: this show was well-designed and ready to last for several years but only got half a season. I realized that, at times, I was trying to watch Firefly especially closely, wanting to glean or wring as much meat and meaning out of it as possible.

Watching the show that cloesly, and of course seeing the film Serenity twice, helped me to see how interesting a creator Joss Whedon is, and how interesting a director he's becoming. I really wonder if Summer Glau, as the psychic girl River, is a muse for Whedon: his writing and directing, whether from the movie or from the final TV episode "Objects in Space," is more experimental when she's on screen. River is psychic (by nature) and troubled (due to what the government scientists did to her brain), and Firefly/Serenity shifts in a meaningful way when we're experiencing that world through her. It's intriguing, and it's sad, and it's well done.

By the way, I'd've been in this Firefly-pondering mood even if Mike Russell hadn't posted his April 2005 Culture Pulp comic Serenity Now! today (as you can see here).
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