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Vote, damnit!

Hey, fellow LJ'ers! As I've said before, slipjig has started a movie vote-off: 512 movies paired off against each other, and in a poll each day people choose their favorites of each pair. (I had the pain this morning of having to choose between This Is Spinal Tap and Raising Arizona, and then the added pain of choosing between The Truman Show and American Splendor.)

We're still in the first round. For today's poll, I must get partisan: Raging Bull is getting beat by A Beautiful Mind, 17 to 7 as of this writing.

This can not stand. We must feel the Bull love! (Uhh....)

It's not too late to start voting! Go over here and do it. You can do it. Oh yes you can. Join our insanity.

Each day's entry has two polls, by the way, so you need to hit the two different Submit buttons.

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