Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

A long, good day

Work happened today. So did shopping, visiting, and listening. After work I took a bus and the Streetcar to Music Millennium and got a bunch of music, including two copies of a particular CD that I wanted and that I think a friend of mine would like. More riding on buses followed, getting me to the Grendel's coffee shop on East Burnside where David Loftus was doing his latest Storytime For Adults. He read three O. Henry stories this time: light and flamboyantly written and sometimes touching. It was a small crowd, due to A) the Storytime being really a last-minute arrangement, B) Jewish friends of Loftus being occupied with the first night of Passover, C) the NCAA championship, and I'm sure there's a D) in there somewhere, but those of us there still enjoyed it!

Speaking of enjoyment, today I finished Neil Gaiman's short story collection Fragile Things. He did something he rarely does: make me laugh out loud (at the story "My Life"). And the precision of his writing results in pieces like his poem "Instructions," which is literally instructions on how to get through a fairy tale. That's a very Neil thing to write. Thanks for sharing it, Mr. Gaiman...
Tags: books, peregrinations, portland

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