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What better Easter gift than "Grindhouse"? Don't answer that

I'm having a quiet Easter at home and around SE. My biggest trip was walking and bussing to a comics shop (my haul: the latest issues of Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man, Fallen Angel and The Dark Tower, plus the collection Brian Michael Bendis's Total Sell-Out) and to pick up pictures from my family visit yesterday.

It'll get noisier later: I'm taking myself to a 5:00 showing of Grindhouse at Cinemagic. Small, vintage, independent theater, once upon a time a place where you could regularly see The Talking Heads's Stop Making Sense (according to philly420pdx) and, perhaps, the sort of theater that could've shown real grindhouse fare in the 1970s. It's also where I've seen (among others) Sin City (more Robert Rodriguez insanity!), A Mighty Wind, Spirited Away and Frida.

Weird-ass sex appeal, blood-splattered violence, and other miscellaneous insanity await me.
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