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"Do you want to take a nightcap?" "No thank you, I don't wear them."

Tired. 'Twas a day of darting and jumping, including an errand: bussing and Max'ing out to the airport to pick up my Aunt Nancy's car (she headed home to Guam today after her month on the mainland). Feeling I deserved a treat, I stopped on the way home at Milwaukie Teriyaki and got chicken-and-yakisoba, enough for both dinner tonight and lunch tomorrow, and when I got home...

...yay! I perked up at a package for me from s00j. CDs, plus a card promoting her band project Tricky Pixie, plus some genuine lagniappe: a sampler CD called "Critters and Such," eight songs ranging from older songs to too-new-for-albums songs. Cool! Good end-of-the-night music. (When I got home, I waited to play "Critters and Such" and instead played Danny Elfman's score to that bad Planet of the Apes remake. I was in the mood for harsh and percussive at that point...)
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