Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

And now more

I feel update-er-y!

Yesterday I finished my second read of The Night and the Land, the novel by Matt Spencer (happyspector to us LJ'ers) that he's been kind enough to let me proof, and today I gave the first 42 marked-up-with-corrections-and-suggestions pages to the cute counter girl at the Mall 205 FedEx/Kinko's for shipping starting tomorrow.

(We're still getting drizzle, lightning and thunder. As a former Virginian -- and someone who realized that I heard maybe five thunderclaps in my entire time in Eugene -- I likes me a good storm. And now the glow is even more otherworldly. Cool. End of parenthetical.)

To treat myself after meeting my book-correcting goal yesterday, I saw two films, both comic book-based, both good: Batman Begins and Sin City. Enjoyed Batman quite a lot, roared several times during Sin City. Am I evil for laughing so hard at that flick? No in-depth Mr. Critic thoughts are coming to mind, so suffice it to say there's a good chance (if y'all haven't already seen it) that you'll like Batman Begins -- and I know most of you already gave blood-splattered-thumbs up to Sin City, so I wouldn't be telling you anything new. By the way: hey, T.J., in Batman Begins there's almost no blood!

In family news, I saw my grandma Dorothy today out in Far S.E. Portland, when the sky was still mostly clear, and we had a nice sit in the shade of an umbrella, enjoying the warmth (finally). She's in a good assisted living home, with good-humored and caring caregivers and housemates. She lives among calm. She deserves that. She's a very gentle soul and I'm glad she's still around.

Wow, the mood of this entry's been all over the place, hasn't it? But it was good to ramble.
Tags: books, peregrinations

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