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Out-Of-Context Theater, with special bonus context!

Actual thought I thought today: "Oh, yeah, I wouldn't want her mouth on my straw."

At the Doernbecher Hospital Starbucks, I ordered a FrappucinoTM. So did the good-looking long-haired curvy woman behind me. Mine arrived first, with hers close behind, but she grabbed at mine, put a straw in it and started to suck on the straw before I realized it was my cuppa Frappa. The barista and I exchanged a look; the long-haired woman and I exchanged another look. "I didn't drink yours!" she said, laughing, then she put her finger on the top of the straw to hold in the little bit of Frappa (less than an inch) that had started up the straw before she'd realized what she was doing and pulled it out. "That's fine," I said, and got my own straw.

I didn't share my next thought with her. You'll understand why. So for her, this is still Out-Of-Context Theater.
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